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Experience Precision with QuikQuote’s Takeoff Estimating Software

Elevate your project estimations with QuikQuote’s innovative construction takeoff software, meticulously designed to streamline your quantity assessments. Dive into a world where each measurement is precise, every estimate is reliable, and manage your takeoffs with unparalleled ease, accuracy, and speed.

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Create a free no-strings attached QuikQuote account to generate deliverable estimates, measure takeoffs, and send quotes electronically!

Seamless Uploads

Upload PDFs or image floor plans with ease and start taking measurements with our takeoff estimating software

Accurate Measurements

Our construction takeoff software guarantees precision in every calculation, ensuring your estimates are consistently accurate and reliable

Easy Quoting

Generate professional, client-ready quotes in moments, enhancing your response time and professional image

QuikQuote’s Quantity Takeoff Software

QuikQuote simplifies the estimating process with its innovative takeoff estimating software. Our tool helps professionals in the construction industry efficiently calculate material quantities, addressing common issues such as miscalculations and budget overruns without complex onboarding. The contractor takeoff software is crafted to shield against common estimating pitfalls, providing a straightforward solution in a critical industry sector.

Close-up of hands analyzing a construction blueprint with emphasis on QuikQuote's quantity takeoff features

Measure Materials Accurately

Upload plans and conduct thorough quantity takeoffs with our easy to use takeoff feature. Avoid errors and enhance accuracy in every project, safeguarding your estimates against miscalculations and ensuring profitability.

Generate Accurate Quotes

Capitalize on QuikQuote’s precision in material and cost calculations, allowing you to create and deliver reliable, professional quotes swiftly with our quantity takeoff software, reinforcing your client’s confidence and satisfaction in every project.

Screenshot of QuikQuote's construction cost estimator worksheet for an attic conversion project, detailing cost groups and items for bedroom transformation.

Simplified Estimating Takeoff Software

Integrate takeoff plans into our estimating software, experience ease like never before. Adjust material prices, labor units, profit margins, and employ markup capabilities and estimate templates for reusability. Craft a professional, client-ready construction proposal with a mere few clicks.

Deliver Estimates Electronically

Swiftly and securely deliver accurate project estimates to clients electronically, ensuring transparency and speedy communications with QuikQuote.

Elderly couple reviewing a digital estimate on estimate sign software, with options to accept, request modification, or reject the estimate

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