All the Tools for Your Construction Project Needs

Our software is designed with the trades industry in mind, offering a range of tools to simplify your construction project management. From detailed job costing to efficient construction takeoff, QuikQuote has you covered.

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General contractor using construction estimating software to measure and estimate a porch renovation job, discussing the project with the homeowner
Construction worker utilizing construction cost estimator, with an illustration of an estimate timeline from creation to acceptance.

Comprehensive Construction Bid Management Software

Manage your bids effectively with QuikQuote. Keep track of all your bids, know their status, and never miss an opportunity.

Accurate Construction Estimating Software

Make precise estimates for all your projects with QuikQuote. Our software takes into account every detail, from materials to labor, to provide you with accurate estimates.

General contractor making notes on an construction estimating software while inspecting an outdated, old bathroom for potential renovations.

Streamlined Construction Project Management Software

Stay on top of your projects with our project management feature. Monitor progress, manage resources, and ensure your project stays on track.

Estimate Builder

Streamline your demolition projects with QuikQuote’s automated calculation feature. Generate quick, precise quantity takeoffs, ensuring efficient cost management and higher profitability.

Customer Portal

Stay updated with real-time reports. Our software allows you to track changes and updates in quantity takeoffs, helping you make informed decisions for your demolition projects.


Time is essential in demolition projects. QuikQuote delivers fast, precise quantity takeoffs, enabling you to bid more competitively, win more contracts, and efficiently manage your project timelines.

Screen displaying the process of construction takeoffs being applied to a detailed floor plan.

Efficient Construction Takeoff Software

With QuikQuote, you can quickly calculate the materials, labor, and equipment needed for your project. This speeds up your pre-construction phase and helps avoid costly mistakes.

Detailed Job Costing Software

Understand your project costs better with QuikQuote. Our job costing feature gives you a detailed breakdown of your costs, helping you budget more effectively.

General contractor creating an estimate on an iPad and a homeowner accepting the estimate on a computer, using construction cost estimator, symbolizing seamless communication in the estimating process