Elevate Your Construction Projects with QuikQuote’s Quantity Takeoff

QuikQuote’s quantity takeoff feature is designed to revolutionize how you approach construction projects. With tools dedicated to accurate quantity takeoff, blueprint analysis, and material estimation, we bring precision and efficiency to your fingertips.

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Screenshot of QuikQuote's quantity takeoff capabilities
Close-up of hands analyzing a construction blueprint with emphasis on QuikQuote's quantity takeoff features

Blueprint Takeoff Made Easy

Analyze blueprints with ease and accuracy. QuikQuote’s intuitive interface allows for quick measurements, ensuring every detail is captured.

Accurate Quantity Taking Off

Say goodbye to estimation errors. With our advanced algorithms and tools, achieve precise quantity takeoff that aligns with project needs.

Construction professional examining a floorplan on a computer using QuikQuote's quantity takeoff features
Materials list on QuikQuote interface highlighting the software's comprehensive quantity takeoff capabilities

Comprehensive Material Estimation

Whether you’re working on a home renovation or a commercial build, our estimator is adaptable to every project’s needs. Get clear, detailed cost breakdowns every time.

Precise Takeoff Estimates

QuikQuote’s Quantity Takeoff Software gives you the power to generate precise takeoff estimates. This helps you plan better and avoid costly mistakes or shortages.

Screenshot of QuikQuote's construction cost estimator worksheet for an attic conversion project, detailing cost groups and items for bedroom transformation.

Why QuikQuote for Quantity Takeoff?

Our platform stands out with features tailored for construction professionals. From intuitive tools to detailed reports, QuikQuote is the go-to for quantity takeoff.

Discover More QuikQuote Features

QuikQuote’s Contractor CRM is just the beginning. Explore our other tools designed to streamline your work process:

Job Costing

Understand your project costs better and budget more effectively with our detailed job costing feature.


Speed up your pre-construction phase and avoid costly mistakes with our efficient construction takeoff tool.


Make precise estimates for all your projects, taking into account every detail from materials to labor.

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Try QuikQuote for 30 Days

Unlock the full potential of QuikQuote with our risk-free 30-day trial. Dive into all the features and see the difference for yourself.

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