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Estimating and Takeoff Software for Residential Contractors!

Save time and boost your business with QuikQuote, a construction cost estimator designed for all residential trades professionals. 

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Create a free no-strings attached QuikQuote account to generate deliverable estimates, measure takeoffs, and send quotes electronically!

Seamless Takeoffs

Elevate your project planning with our construction estimating takeoff capabilities, creating a flawless transition from blueprint analysis to accurate material procurement.

Estimate Accurately

Unleash unparalleled precision with QuikQuote’s building material estimate calculator, ensuring every construction project commences with absolute financial clarity and strategic foresight.

Engage Clients

Enhance customer interactions with our dedicated portal, combining robust quoting software for builders with interactive client communication and approval processes.

QuikQuote Features for Estimating

Unlock unmatched estimating precision with QuikQuote, your all-encompassing solution. Elevate your projects by effortlessly navigating from initial estimates to winning bids, all while ensuring every client interaction is streamlined and professional

Screenshot of QuikQuote's quantity takeoff capabilities

Residential Construction Material Estimator

Upload plans and conduct thorough quantity takeoffs with our easy to use construction estimating takeoff feature. Utilize our area takeoffs to accelerate your process ensuring accurate material measurements.

Quoting Software for Builders and Contractors

Leverage precise quoting and thorough job costing features to guarantee your project quotations are accurate and your jobs remain profitable. Manage materials, labor, and markup costs seamlessly, ensuring your estimates are as reliable as they are competitive.

  • Instantaneous Quote Generation: As a paramount quoting software for builders, create and deliver quotes with the click of a button.
  • Versatile Use: Tailored to serve various professionals, from contractors to remodelers, providing solutions like estimating and takeoff software that cater to varied project needs.
  • Client Involvement: A dedicated client portal to streamline communications and approvals, enhancing your service delivery and client relations.
Screenshot of QuikQuote's construction cost estimator worksheet for an attic conversion project, detailing cost groups and items for bedroom transformation.

Building Material Estimator

Integrate takeoff plans into our estimating software, experience ease like never before. Adjust material prices, labor units, profit margins, and employ markup capabilities and estimate templates for reusability.

Our software doesn’t merely offer you a construction material estimator; it encapsulates a world where every quote, be it derived from a building material estimate calculator or a construction estimating takeoff, is a testament to accuracy and professionalism.

Streamlined Client Management

Navigate through your client relationships with our Contractor-Specific CRM. From lead tracking to project updates, ensure every client interaction is managed efficiently and effectively, empowering your business relationships.

  • Bid with Accuracy: With our construction material cost estimator, ensure every bid you place is backed by precise calculations, safeguarding your profitability.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Enhance client relations and transparency with a dedicated customer portal, optimizing your communication and approval processes.
  • Simplistic Onboarding: Dive into a user-friendly platform where complex estimating tasks become straightforward endeavors, thanks to our thoughtfully designed interface and functionalities.
Elderly couple reviewing a digital estimate on estimate sign software, with options to accept, request modification, or reject the estimate

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