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Simple Contractor Estimating Software

Elevate your contracting business to new heights with QuikQuote, a state-of-the-art contractor estimating software crafted to streamline your project management, bidding, and client relations.

Free For 30 Days

Create a free no-strings attached QuikQuote account to generate deliverable estimates, measure takeoffs, and send quotes electronically!

Reusable Templates

Save time and boost efficiency with reusable estimate templates, facilitating quicker quote generation for similar projects

Accurate Takeoffs

Minimize material wastage and enhance budget adherence with accurate takeoffs, ensuring every inch is accounted for

Client Engagement

Use our online customer portal to send estimates and secure approvals, ensuring client engagement and satisfaction

Reliable Remodeling Contractor Software

QuikQuote isn’t merely a contractor quote app; it’s your partner in ensuring every estimate, bid, and client interaction is conducted with utmost professionalism and precision. Dive into the realm where estimating software for small contractors aligns with your business’s heartbeat, delivering results that speak volumes about your commitment to reliability and accuracy

Addressing Contractor Challenges

Are miscalculations affecting your profit margins? Is manual budgeting leading to overruns? QuikQuote brings you a remodeling contractor software solution that eradicates these pain points, delivering a smooth, automated, and precise estimating environment

Contractor using construction estimating software by QuikQuote to assess renovation needs in an old bathroom.


QuikQuote ensures every quote is precise, consistent, and profitable.

Manual Calculations

Use our Takeoff feature and our easy to use Worksheet builder.

Budget Overruns?

Maintain profitability with precise job costing.

Seamless Quoting/Estimating

Discover unparalleled accuracy and ease with QuikQuote, your dedicated contractor quoting software. Our remodeling estimating software ensures your project quotes are not only precise but also effortlessly generated, establishing a foundation for profitable project execution and satisfied clients

Screenshot of QuikQuote's quantity takeoff capabilities

Simplified Estimating Takeoff Software

Embrace precision with our contractor estimating software, designed to eliminate guesswork and prevent material wastage. QuikQuote’s Takeoff feature provides accurate material quantifications from the get-go, ensuring your remodeling and construction projects adhere to both budgets and timelines

Dynamic CRM/Customer Portal

Strengthen client relationships with QuikQuote, your comprehensive contractor CRM software. Enhance communication and project transparency with a robust customer portal, enabling swift estimate approvals, seamless feedback exchange, and fostering client engagement

Elderly couple reviewing a digital estimate on estimate sign software, with options to accept, request modification, or reject the estimate

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